Who We Are

Who we are includes you.

We are the nonprofit organizations relieving suffering and building hope at the front lines of need.

We are the caregivers who serve around the clock with no time to care for ourselves.

We are the arts educators bringing the joy of creative expression to youth in distressed communities.

We are the teachers in search of new tools to engage and meet the complex needs of students.

We are the creative arts therapists healing trauma through the combined power of arts and psychotherapy.

We are the health care professionals seeking ways to humanize medicine and meet intangible needs that conventional care is not designed to address.

We are the mental health professionals who value the expression of the unconscious or unspoken self through the arts.

We are the parents who wish to find empathy for their children and who need to have empathy for themselves.

We are the individuals who want to grow and heal from developmental wounds.

We are the community that wants to embrace diversity.

We are the businesses striving to do well by doing good.

We are the public health advocates who seek more effective ways to benefit humanity.

We are the people who believe that the world needs meaningful human connection and healing that can be facilitated through the arts.