The Value of Workplace Wellness

We’ve heard a lot of terms recently about the state of the workplace (great resignation, quiet quitting, quiet hiring, great reshuffle, big quit.) While those terms may have different meanings, they are all rooted in the fact that work as we’ve known it has been disrupted, and employees are rethinking the role of work and well-being in their lives.

At the root of this shift is the role of workplace wellness, and research shows mental health is top of mind for most of us - whether we are an employer or employee. As the World Health Organization notes in their guidelines on mental health at work, “addressing mental health at work effectively will help prepare for the future of work and a changing world.”

Highlighted below are a few recent reports, evidence-based guides, roadmaps, and resources to help navigate the year ahead.

The Surgeon General’s Framework for Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being is centered on human needs and equity, and offers a framework for workplaces and resources that can be used across organizations of any size.

Calm recently released Workplace Mental Health Trends Report: The Future of Work. In this report, it’s noted that for every $1 invested yearly in workplace mental health prevention and intervention programs, $2 - $4 is saved in areas such as improved health and productivity. Offering resources to employees doesn’t just impact their well-being, it positively impacts businesses as well. Calm’s insights also show:

Want to create a workplace culture rooted in social emotional well-being and creative expression? Looking to build your own stress reduction and resilience toolbox? The recent survey and report, “Art of the Workplace,” notes art and cultural activities improve well-being and office productivity, and workers are seeking spaces enriched by art and wellness. And here at Arts & Healing Initiative, our mental health-informed expressive arts programs offer an accessible and affordable solution.

  • Our expert faculty-led sessions address stress, burnout, and anxiety
  • Learn how to build mindfulness, stretch, and movement breaks into your day
  • Access resources that are culturally relevant 
  • Our upcoming new programs are designed to nourish the head, heart, and body 

Bring us to work! Contact our Community Initiatives Manager, Heidi Parker, to learn how our programs can support well-being in your community, organization, or business. 


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