Today is Mental Health Action Day

Founded to shift our mental health culture from awareness to action, we invite you to take one hour today, on Mental Health Action Day, to connect. Connect to yourself today. To a loved one. To a colleague. To your community. 

Here at Arts & Healing Initiative, we offer our free, online HOPE Series as one way to connect with our community each month. Created in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, we offer this series to support the resilience of our global community through social emotional arts.

We invite you to take an hour today, grab a few sheets of paper, something to write with, and watch one of our recent HOPE sessions, Creating Cups of Wellness, to refocus and rebalance your energy.

Interested in learning about additional mental health actions for today and beyond, and live in Los Angeles? Visit the current exhibit at the Armory, Terry Chatkupt: A Year, which highlights the impact the pandemic has on the mental health of children. Additionally, view their comprehensive list of Mental Health & Wellness Resources for all ages. 

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